Special Issue Spring 2015

Why do some people doubt science?

We live in a time of information overload. It is not surprising that people either don't know what to believe or are influenced by the most vocal voices; celebrities and self-appointed experts. The fluoridation controversy is a good example. The benefits of fluoride are well known but recently, there has been a backlash against community water fluoridation. Why? There has been a movement by some groups who do not believe the science and medical and dental consensus opinion.

Jenny McCarthy, an actress in the US and mother of an autistic son, used her status to tell the world that vaccines have an impact on the onset of autism. The science does not support this conclusion by Ms. McCarthy. Do you believe science or are you influenced by your peers or personal assumptions.

Dental professionals must make decisions based on science when the data is available. Otherwise, we are not providing the best care to our patients or the community.  There are resources available on many topics and links  that can help you in your daily practice.

 Dental Sealants

 Fluoride Therapy

 Water Flossing: CPD

The Waterpik® Water Flosser:  Undeniably safe and effective

There is no questions that it is effective. Over 60 research studies have definitively shown it can reverse gingivitis, reduce gingival bleeding, remove plaque, improve the host response to enhance healing and improve oral health.

It is also safe to use on a daily basis. Clinical studies from the first introduction of the product have evaluated the impact on oral tissues and looked for any adverse events. A recently published literature review  specifically looked at the safety profile of Water Flossers concluded:

"The evidence shows that using a pulsating Water Flosser is safe and effective. This is based on decades of use by the public and a body of evidence that has not reported any adverse effects."

There are still a few dental professionals who ignore the data and believe Water Flossers can harm the tissue or push bacteria into the pocket. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There is no evidence of detrimental effects on the attachment or junctional epithelium; and, in some cases, a reduction in the pocket depth has been reported. Additionally, the devices do not push bacteria into the pocket but can remove the bacteria to help improve the clinical signs of inflammation.

New Water Flosser Featured at The Dentistry Show

17th - 18th April 2015

Waterpik International will showcase the NEW Waterpik® Ultra Professional!  Be one of the first to see the new design with flossing and massage mode, one minute timer with 30-second pacer and on/off button conveniently placed on the handle. 

Saturday 18th April, 12:45 - 13.30

Deborah Lyle and Alexandra Booler will be speaking within the Hygienists & Therapists Symposium at The Dentistry Show 2015.

Together, they will present on "Medical Conditions: Challenges for Dental Treatment Planning", giving delegates a wealth of practical hints and tips to help them overcome potential issues and deliver safe and effective oral healthcare to a wide variety of patients.