21st Century Dentistry

Resolve to avoid resolutions

2018 Happy New Year

Now we are all back at work and routines have returned to normal, it is time for New Year's Resolutions - or rather the time to break New Year's Resolutions as apparently, only 10% of us actually achieve them!1 So rather than trying to suddenly make a huge change, perhaps we should be aiming a little lower and really thinking about how we can implement small adjustments in order to improve ourselves in some way?

The same approach should be encouraged among patients, advising them to simply introduce one change at a time - like using a Waterpik® Water Flosser daily - in order to encourage constructive and effective changes in their behaviour.

To make sure your patients have all the information they need to use these solutions correctly, you can also utilise this short 2-minute instructional video on how to use the new Waterpik® Cordless Advanced. It shows how easy a Water Flosser is to use:

21st century dentistry

Out With the Old - Floss With the New

We are very much focused on preventative dentistry in the profession today. The aim is to install good habits from an early age and then maintain them for life. This all starts with patient education - they need to understand the importance of dental health and appreciate the benefits of good habits for the avoidance of problems like tooth decay and gingival disease. Identifying potential issues early will also help to reduce the need for extensive and possibly costly dental work in the future.

Waterpik® offers a wide range of solutions to help different patients maintain exceptional oral health. There are various Waterpik® Water Flosser models available from the Complete Care system to the Waterpik® Cordless Advanced, that suit small bathrooms or patients that travel a lot.

In addition, the portfolio of tips is designed to help patients improve access to all areas of the mouth, including the Classic Jet, Plaque Seeker®, Orthodontic and Pik Pocket® Tips. As such, there is something to suit everyone, helping you provide the best possible support for patients of all ages and dexterity levels, as well as those currently undergoing orthodontic, periodontic or implant treatment.

To help your patients to choose the Water Flosser that is right for them, this diagram may be of help.