What does your future hold?

A skilled clinician, scientific thinker, great communicator, educator and businessperson – these are just some of the roles the modern dental practitioner will have to take on if they want to be ready for the future. Research and development will continue to push back boundaries; who knows what materials, technology and technique we will be using in 20 years’ time?

If we look at how far we have come, we can see how patients are driving the industry forward. Switched on, savvy and often short on time, they expect high standards, great results, efficiency and excellent customer service. Now and in the future, quality treatment won’t be enough to guarantee loyalty. The pressure is on to find even more ways to reduce chair-time without compromising on results. Dental professionals should be encouraged to diversify and add to their skills set and give added value at every check-up.

You can be the best dentist, hygienist, therapist or nurse by using the most ground breaking materials and equipment, but this will come to nothing without a steady flow of people. The most exciting part of the future is the empowerment of the patient, who sees the dental team as a partner in safeguarding their oral and all-round health. For example, teaching them how to perform a daily, professional-level clean should be standard at every appointment. The future is preventative, which is why the modern dentist has to integrate technique with a holistic approach, teaching their patients how good lifestyle choices are central to a sparkly smile and long, healthy life.

Oral health goes global!

World Oral Health Day, celebrated this year on 20 March, continues the theme of patient power.

The global campaign aims to encourage people to ‘Live Mouth Smart’, promoting good habits and frequent check-ups to maintain their optimal oral health from when they are very young through to old age. The message is very much that oral health means a better quality of life, so if you avoid certain risk factors – like smoking, alcohol and too much sugar – you will benefit your general health, too.

To encourage practices to get involved, the website has a brilliant, free toolkit. Go to www.worldoralhealthday.org to find a practical guide to organising an event, including tips on how to run a social media campaign. The website also has handy resources, like posters and brochures to display in your waiting area to help get you started. What about a children's colouring competition with prizes, treatment vouchers for recommendations or even an open morning? That would be a fantastic way to mark the day, as well as raise the profile of your practice in the community. You’ll hopefully convince future patients that oral health isn’t just about drills and scary masks!

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