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Remembering for those who forget

Around the globe, September is ‘World Alzheimer’s month’, designed to raise awareness of the life-changing condition and dispel any remaining stigmatisations. In the UK, approximately 850,000 people are affected by the disease, with the vast majority being over the age of 65.1

World Alzheimer's MonthResearch suggests that early detection of Alzheimer’s disease is key to preventing and treating it effectively.2 One study also found a link between periodontitis and a notable increase in cognitive decline over a six-month period.3 Reasons for this connection have been suggested to include the possibility of an unknown mechanism that is independent to the degree of cognitive impairment. Periodontal disease might also be a reflection of a confounding factor such as a compromised or modified inflammatory or immune response that is also a contributor to Alzheimer’s disease progression. While the relationship is still not completely understood, it has been postulated that periodontitis may be a direct driver of disease progression.

Prevention of periodontal disease, particularly in older patients, therefore remains crucial. And as we reflect on the affects of Alzheimer’s this month, it’s worth highlighting the risks to patients and their carers in order to promote dental and general health. Recommending effective oral adjuncts such as the Waterpik® Water Flosser is important, which has been scientifically proven to improve gingival health and reduce bleeding on probing along with reductions of pro-inflammatory mediators in gingival crevicular fluid and serum.4,5

Dental Showcase

Dental Showcase

Demonstrations, explanations and CPD!

For everything you need to know about the Waterpik® Water Flosser, don’t miss our friendly team on stand H10! We’ll be there to show you all the different Water Flosser models and tips available, how they work and how effective they could be in improving and maintaining your patients’ oral health.

What’s more, all delegates are welcome to attend our educational sessions, which will not only provide information and confidence in the extensive clinical research behind the product, but will also deliver an hour of verifiable CPD!

So for live demonstrations, product explanations and verifiable CPD, don’t miss us on stand H10 at the BDIA Dental Showcase this October!


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