PES-142UK Pet Wand Dog Shower Attachment

The 27 cm Pet Wand Dog Shower Attachment for indoor-outdoor use makes it easy to wash your dog at home (note - not recommended for electric/pump showers). It features a unique WaterComb spray that provides maximum cleaning coverage and the power you need for effective rinsing of thick fur. For washing sensitive areas, the water flow control lever lets you reduce the water pressure to a gentle spray.

You can connect the Pet Wand to your hand shower head hose or use the included adapters to connect to an outdoor garden hose.

Includes quick connect garden hose adapter, standard garden hose adapter, storage bag and 2 washers.

Not Recommended for use with Electric/Pump Showers

Product Features

  • Contoured Shape for Dogs
  • For all Dog Types
  • Outdoor Adapter

Manuals & Guides

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