Flossing With Braces

An easy and effective way to remove plaque around dental braces and improve gum health is to use a Waterpik® Water Flosser. It is clinically proven more effective than dental floss for people with braces.

How To Floss With Braces In 6 Simple Steps

For best results, use a Waterpik® Water Flosser with the Orthodontic Tip. The Orthodontic Tip has a tapered brush that helps remove plaque from braces and orthodontics. The Classic Jet Tip is also effective.

  1. Fill the Water Flosser reservoir with lukewarm water and place it firmly on the base.
  2. Insert the flosser tip and click into the handle.
  3. Adjust the pressure control (start at low pressure), lean over the sink, and place tip in your mouth.
  4. Turn unit on. Close lips to prevent splashing, let water flow from the mouth into the sink.
  5. Starting with the back teeth, aim the tip at the gumline. Pause and lightly brush the area between the teeth and all around the orthodontic bracket or appliance (see video below).
  6. Proceed to the next tooth.

It's that easy to properly Water Floss your braces, and it takes only about 1 minute a day!

Video of Water Flossing With a Waterpik® Orthodontic Tip