A set of Waterpik water flossersA set of Waterpik water flossers

Water Flosser Features

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For detailed diagrams and specific features of each Waterpik® Water Flosser model:

Features Available on All Models

Adjustable Water Pressure

Water pressure settings let you control the force of the water spray produced by the water flosser. If you are new to water flossing, start at the lowest pressure setting, then increase over time to your preferred level.

Depending on the model, countertop water flossers offer 3, 6, or 10 pressure settings ranging from .68–6.2 or .68-6.89 Bar. Cordless water flossers include 2 or 3 pressure settings from 3.1–5.2 Bar.

Water Reservoir

The size of the water reservoir depends on the design and type of water flosser. Cordless water flosser reservoirs hold up to 210 ml, while countertop water flossers hold up to 1,000 ml.

Flossing time per full reservoir varies based on the pressure setting and the size of the reservoir. General guidelines are:

  • 150 ml = 30+ seconds of flossing time
  • 210 ml = 45+ seconds of flossing time
  • 450 ml = 60+ seconds of flossing time
  • 650-1000 ml = 90+ seconds of flossing time

You can refill the reservoir to extend flossing time.

If any liquid remains in the reservoir when you are finished water flossing, empty the liquid into the sink and allow it to dry.

For hygienic storage, countertop water flosser reservoirs either include a lid or act as a cover when inverted over the unit.

You can add a small amount of mouthwash to the water in the reservoir. (Do not exceed a 1:1 ratio of water to mouthwash). Rinse the unit afterwards by partially filling the reservoir with plain warm water and running it with the tip pointed into the sink.

Tip Eject Button

To remove a water flosser tip, press the tip eject button built into the handle of the unit. When you insert a tip into the handle, make sure it clicks into place.


Unless otherwise specified, Waterpik® Water Flossers sold in the U.K. and Canada are global voltage compatible (100-240v).

The following models use 3 AA batteries (included):

Multiple Users

Waterpik® Water Flossers have removable tips so that different family members can use the same device. A ring at the base of the tip is colour-coded for easy identification.

Features Available on Select Models

In-Handle Water Control

All water flossers incorporate an on/off power button built into the unit.

Advanced countertop and combination units also include an additional water control on the handle that allows you to temporarily pause or stop the water flow while the unit is running.

Rotating Tip Control

On most water flosser models, the base that holds the tip rotates so you can more easily position the tip to reach all areas of the mouth. Use your thumb as needed to rotate the base as you water floss.

Swivel Water Hose

Instead of a rotating tip, the water hose swivels where it attaches to the base of the flosser handle for easy access to all areas of the mouth.


Many Waterpik® Water Flosser models are available in black and a variety of contemporary colours to match your bathroom décor.

Massage Mode

In addition to Floss Mode, a Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode offers a unique water pulsation pattern designed to enhance gum stimulation.

Available on the Ultra Professional and Whitening Professional Water Flossers.


To ensure thorough flossing, a short pause occurs at 30-seconds to remind you to move to the other half of your mouth. Another short pause at 1-minute signals you have reached the recommended cleaning time. The unit continues to run without pauses until you turn it off.

Available on the Ultra Professional and Whitening Professional Water Flossers.