Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers Care

A crown covers most or all of a damaged tooth, and a bridge attaches to two or more crowns to fill the space of a missing tooth. A veneer is a thin, tooth-coloured piece cemented onto the front of a tooth. It can improve the look of stained or badly shaped teeth and close small spaces or gaps between teeth.

Oral Health and Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers

Crowns, bridges, and veneers require good oral health care to protect your investment and maintain the health of your natural teeth. If you have trouble brushing or flossing around dental work, plaque can accumulate and lead to gingivitis and gum disease. And teeth covered by veneers or crowns are still susceptible to tooth decay.

You can minimize or prevent oral health problems caused by dental work with good daily home care and regular dental check-ups.

Cleaning Dental Work and Removing Plaque

Dental work like bridges and crowns can be challenging to keep clean. The Waterpik® Water Flosser is designed to clean around all types of dental work and restorations. Unlike dental floss, the unique water pulsating action helps clean under the bridge and around crowns where bacteria and food can get trapped.

The Plaque Seeker™ Tip provides additional plaque removal around all types of dental work. Clinically proven more effective than dental floss for improving gum health, the Plaque Seeker™ Tip is designed to provide the benefits of pulsating water. It has three thin tufts of bristles to access stubborn plaque around crowns, bridges, veneers, and other areas that are especially susceptible to plaque accumulation.